To get ahead more quickly and efficiently

The distance you need to achieve new results

Whether you want to develop a fresh perspective on your current situation, boost your leadership, refine certain approaches and skills, deploy new strategies or further your career, our approach to coaching combines self-reflection and action.

Our hands-on experience helps us understand the major challenges leaders face and approach the professional coaching process in an insightful and personalized manner.

We work together to strengthen the pillars of intentional and inspirational leadership through awareness, confidence, competence and credibility, among other things.

Exceed your own expectations with our management and executive coaching:

  • A direct and personalized approach based on an honest, motivating partnership.
  • An introspective approach centred on action and implementing innovative solutions.
  • Faster and more efficient progress, while keeping your personality and values in mind.

How do you know if you’re ready for OZHEO coaching?

  • You’re open to trying new ways of seeing, thinking and doing things.
  • You’re not afraid to get out of your comfort zone and fully explore innovative approaches.
  • You want to achieve new results and dare to take responsibility for making it happen.

A good professional coach is someone who will kindly ask you real questions, the type that will lead you to new opportunities.

Marjorie Poitras, President and Founder, OZHEO