Group reflection on a theme and sharing of experiences to identify appropriate courses of action.

Over 80 development modules for strong leadership and a high-performance organization

The times we live in are bringing new business and management realities. That is why leaders need to adapt. Peer coaching is a contemporary coaching approach that is based on reflection and carried out in small groups. It fosters a coaching and learning culture, accelerates skills development and strengthens teams.

OZHEO favours the CoachingOurselves approach, which has been used by over 25,000 organizational leaders worldwide. Based on the internationally recognized work of researcher and professor Henry Mintzberg, this rigorous method allows managers to learn from each other, teach each other and work together on a specific module in less than 120 minutes.

Peer coaching uses collective intelligence for leadership development and organizational performance.

Workshops created for your reality

Our certified facilitators will work with you to build a personalized program based on your needs from the over 80 available modules, which are divided into 10 major topics:

  1. Communicating more effectively
  2. Driving change
  3. Getting teams involved
  4. Being strategic
  5. Growing your organization
  6. Embodying leadership that inspires
  7. Promoting diversity and inclusion
  8. Mastering management fundamentals
  9. Knowing how to innovate
  10. Strengthening organizational culture

A distinctive approach that generates rich discussions by sharing concepts and experiences and developing a culture of collaboration.