Anne-Marie Renaud

“Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true.” – Martin Luther King


Authentic. Direct. Committed.

A passionate and action-oriented coach, I work with leaders at every level who want to develop and perform at their best. As a coach, I act as a catalyst to inspire new ways of thinking and lasting change, helping people become more effective leaders and push their own boundaries.

I am attuned to the specific situations of each of my clients, understanding the magnitude of their challenges and what it means to them. With this in mind, I can offer my clients relevant, compassionate support.

  • Vice President Operations, North American Fortune 500 company
  • Vice President Supply Chain, Canada and US
  • ICF, PCC
  • Executive Coaching (Royal Roads University)
  • EQ-i 2.0 and Core Strengths
  • Certified Director, Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D with University of Toronto)
  • CRCD/Desjardins (Montreal), Member of the Board of Directors
  • Farinart (Saint-Liboire), Member of the Board of Directors
  • OECM (Toronto), Member of the Board of Directors
  • Arthritis Society of Canada (Toronto), Member of the Board of Directors
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Ottawa), Member of the Audit Committee